Investigating the Role of Digital Health in Healthcare Emergencies


  • 20.00- 21.30 HRS. (BKK)


  • International Federation of Medical Students' Associations-Thailand (IFMSA-Thailand)
  • International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA)

Health Emergency is an acute, high impact event which threatens the health of populations and therefore demands a coordinated response, involving local, national and international actors. Responding to such events requires an intersectional and interdisciplinary coordinated action that extends beyond healthcare. 


IFMSA strongly believes in the importance of improved disasters and emergencies risk reduction and management efforts, especially in the prevention of and response to health emergencies. It is essential to minimize the health, social and economic impact of such risks in future crises . This pandemic has highlighted the need for continuous investment in strengthening health and public health systems that can detect and rapidly respond to acute health needs, while integrating technological innovation within health can lead to better health outcomes and more efficient healthcare delivery. Developing safe and reliable electronic health records, in addition to taking advantage of mobile digital innovations, can significantly improve health literacy and benefit patients care. Moreover, promoting the engagement of youth in technological innovation, and developing healthcare students’ education in digital health can facilitate effective use of health technologies. 

Digital Health provides opportunities to accelerate the progress in attaining health and well-being, as described in Sustainable Development Goal 3 and 9. We believe that a bigger focus of young healthcare professionals is needed in digital health technologies, and that digital health literacy should be a recognized part of every medical curriculum, conducting research to evaluate the attitudes of future doctors and proposing concrete ways on how to increase their capacities in digital health.

  • Explore how digital transformation of health can influence changes in the healthcare sector

  • Identify current implications and usage of digital health and technological interventions

  • Evaluate the role of digital health in health emergencies

  • Recognize how youth and healthcare professionals can increase their capacities in digital health

Recap IFMSA Session (28/12/2020)

Recap IFMSA Session (28/12/2020)