Supreda Adulyanon

Chief Executive Officer
Thai Health Promotion Foundation

Dr. Supreda Adulyanon is one of the leading experts in innovative health financing and health promotion movement in Thailand and Asia. He is well known internationally for his work on supporting countries on sustainable health financing mechanism, and on addressing major health risks control for NCDs in Thailand, such as tobacco and alcohol. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth), the forefront national agency which catalyzes, motivates, supports, and coordinates health promotion movement in Thailand to over 20,000 multi-sectoral partner organizations in Thailand and abroad since 2001. Prior to joining ThaiHealth, he was a lecturer and senior administrator at the Faculty of Dentistry, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand. He served as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of ThaiHealth and its Director of the Major Risk Factors Control section, overseeing Tobacco Control Plan, Alcohol Control Plan and Road Traffic Accident Prevention Plan at the ThaiHealth. He was instrumental in Thailand achievements and improvement in reducing the national health burden derived from those three major risk factors. On academia front, and has written and published numerous articles about health promotion and the innovative health financing model.
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