Supakit Sirilak

Deputy Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Public Health

Dr. Supakit Sirilak is the Director General of the Department of Medical Sciences in the Thai Ministry of Public Health. Dr. Sirilak guided Thailand's evidence-informed response to the COVID-19 pandemic in his position as the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health. His efforts to advance public health in the country, supported by his specialized medical training and long-standing career in provincial and national institutions is well recognized. His exemplary work, in diverse subjects of medical and public health research as well as in leading programs to establish national health priorities, health infrastructure planning and infectious disease program expansion, among other areas, have earned him several accolades including the prestigious Golden Garuda Award from the Prime Minister himself.
Nov 2020 19 Nov 19.00- 20.15 (BKK) WS303 Assuring Equitable Access to COVID19 Vaccines, Treatments, & Health Resources