Catherine Arsenault

Research Associate
Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard University

United States of America
Catherine Arsenault, MSc, PhD is a Research Associate at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She worked as Research Lead for the Lancet Global Health Commission on High Quality Health Systems. Dr. Arsenault’s work focuses on health care quality, health equity and on monitoring and evaluation to improve health system performance in LMICs. She obtained a PhD in Epidemiology from McGill University and has conducted research on health system performance in various countries including most recently in Ethiopia, where she works closely with the Ministry of Health. Dr. Arsenault is currently leading a 15-country project on the indirect effects of Covid-19 on health system performance using routine HMIS data.
Dec 2020 16 Dec 19.00- 20.30 (BKK) WS207 Immediate Health Response to COVID-19- A Test of Health Systems Resilience