Diana Weil

Senior Adviser, UHC/Healthier Populations Division
World Health Organization

Diana Weil, MSc, is Senior Adviser for WHO’s strategic actions in support of Small Island Developing States. She previously was Cross-cutting Lead for the End TB strategy and multisectoral accountability, and Coordinator Policy & Strategy in the WHO Global TB Programme. Since 1991 she has worked for WHO with Ministries of Health in Africa, Asia and the Americas, as well as partner agencies and civil society, on TB and infectious disease strategy, implementation and review, as well as health system strengthening, social protection, political advocacy and resource mobilization. This included via positions at the World Bank and the Pan American Health Organization. She has played key roles in developing and rolling-out the End TB Strategy and a multisectoral accountability framework, convening of the Un high-level meeting on TB, creation of the Global Drug Facility, as well as cross-agency work on the MDGs and SDGs.
Feb 2021 03 Feb 19.00- 20.30 (BKK) Synthesis Session Synthesis: Summary, Conclusion & Recommendations