Christine Kreuder Johnson

Director, EpiCenter for Disease Dynamics
University of California Davis

United States of America
Christine K. Johnson is a Professor of Epidemiology at UC Davis investigating disease dynamics at the interface of animal, human, and environmental health through applied research to inform policy needed to mitigate risk and prevent pandemics. She directs the EpiCenter for Emerging Infectious Disease Intelligence, one of the new NIAID Centers for Research in Emerging Infectious Diseases. Prior to that she led surveillance activities for USAID’s Emerging Pandemic Threats PREDICT program, a ten-year project to strengthen capacity for detection of emerging threats with implementing partners in over 30 countries. Dr. Johnson has pioneered ecosystem-level studies to investigate the impact of environmental change on wildlife health and improve detection of public health threats on the frontlines of disease spillover. She provides epidemiological support to federal and state agencies and advises on science-based policy for sustainable development to counteract threats to public health and conservation. At UC Davis, her accomplishments include the design of core didactic instruction in One Health, ecosystem health, and population health for graduate and professional degree programs and mentorship to students and post-doctoral scholars in applied research related to disease spillover and spread animal and human populations.
Dec 2020 01 Dec 20.00- 21.30 (BKK) WS304 Preventing, Detecting, Responding to and Recovering from Future Threats