Fely Marilyn Lorenzo

Chair of Commission on Higher Education
Technical Committee for Nursing Education


Dr. Lorenzo is the current chair of the Commission on Higher Education Technical Committee of the Nursing Education (CHED- TCNE). She has been a member of the CHED-TCNE since the early 2000’s spearheading the quest to ensure the quality of Philippine Nursing education. She is a retired professor of Department of Health Policy and Administration at the College of Public Health at the University of the Philippines, Manila where she championed the teaching and conduct of research on health policy studies and policy analysis. As the founding director of the National Institutes of Health Institute of Health Policy and Development Studies, (NIH-IHPDS) she contributed to the development of evidence to advocate for the solutions to critical health policy issues including Climate Change. Dr. Lorenzo was also the Project Director of USAID’s HRH2030 from 2017-2020. HRH2030 is a USAID funded health human resource development and management project designed to assist the DOH in its health systems reform focus on HRH to support the country’s pursuit of Universal Health Care (UHC). Dr Lorenzo is a BSN and MPH graduate of the University of the Philippines. She earned her DrPH major in Health Policy and Management from the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Lorenzo has been an active member of AAAH since its inception serving on the steering committee and assisting in the training of AAAH members.