25 JAN 2021

19.00 – 20.30 hrs. (BKK)

SITE 1: Wisdom and Innovation against COVID-19

Location : Mahidol University

The outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) now continues to spread and expose the very severest of challenges for the first time in our history of the planet. While tremendous information about the virus is exponentially unfolded, we do materialize that it is transmitted through close direct contact with an infected individual's respiratory droplets. Now, research and learning from multi-sectoral partners are mobilizing around a call for prioritizing medical management in response to COVID-19. Until there is a vaccine, curative therapy, or eradication for COVID-19, there is no better cure than early detection, surveillance, and prevention.


COVID-19 unveiled a lack of well-equipped capacity to handle such a health crisis and the lack of sustained preparedness, especially in the health sector. Still, this offers opportunities for each country and experts to combine disruptive technologies and imaginative innovation using collaboration from healthcare team networks and create efficient mechanisms to handle the COVID-19 burden.


Mahidol University is the leading academic university in Thailand and Asia that decided to step up and provide strong advocative collaboration among faculties. Notwithstanding where they work, none of them would leave a patient in need. Uncertainty has awakened survival instincts in the mindset, going from radical thinking of limited resource management to empowering individuals to take responsibilities and build trust. Everything that can be done to constrain this disaster is being called into action under the wisdom and verified evidence. Responses focus on governance, prevention, early detection, and control of COVID-19 in various circumstances and people with different walks of life. Mahidol University and all sectors display an indispensable role in immediate responses and building a "new normal" once the crisis has passed. Some innovations include Cas13-based diagnostic kits LAMP PCR, service care in vulnerable populations, robotics, and a drive-through blood test to deal with the challenge of social distancing. We transparently deliver accurate information. Offering consistent and rational messaging based on medical recommendations accessible to everyone will ensure that civilians nationally and internationally will understand the threat and up-to-date advancement to act accordingly. COVID-19 is not the first and will not be the last epidemic that we will encounter. The crisis lets us ensure that this is not a missed opportunity to accomplish the vision of Mahidol University of preparedness for future threats.