30 January 2020

Universal health coverage (UHC) is the aspiration that all people at all ages can obtain the health service needs of good quality without suffering financial hardship. Health services cover health promotion, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care, and all types of services across the life course.

Thailand has achieved UHC with the National Health Security Act in 2002. The main objectives are reducing the service needs gaps, providing more access to healthcare services, and protecting people from financial hardship due to health expenditure. Throughout seventeen years of UHC implementation efforts, accessibility to necessary health services have been improved with quality of health care and financial protection to families. Thai UHC in action has been introduced and implemented by related stakeholders not only government agencies, but also non-governmental sectors civil societies, and consumers. Evidences of these efforts include financial and non-financial interventions to promote the health status of vulnerable groups, such as prisoners, the elderly, disabled people, women and children, chronic disease patients, people living in rural areas and other risk groups.

The Prince Mahidol Award Conference in 2020 (PMAC 2020) will be organized under the topic “Accelerating Progress Towards Universal Health Coverage. ” The PMAC 2020 field trip will be arranged to share experience in implementing Universal Health Coverage initiatives to reduce barriers and to enhance social inclusion of vulnerable populations in different settings and groups. The concept notes of 7 site visits proposed for PMAC 2020 are described below, according to the sub-theme: